Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 140

Still havent found a job yet and its not looking too good for me. I am in the process of moving to the city so I can get something to do for a bit until I can get a job for salary, but whos know when that will be with this economy. Over the last month or so didnt play a whole lot. When I did play it was pretty much only Mtt's and went on a losing run of about $250 on them. I almost went broke but had some friends ship me some money and I won some money on a freeroll with my points. When I got that money I recently decided (about a week ago) I need to start playing a little more serious. I decided to go back to playing 9 man sngs for $10 buy ins. I have been doing really well in them. In a little less than a week I won the 250 back that I lost before and another $400 profit. This last week is the first time I started playing them serious in a long time and I feel like im playing the best I ever have. For the first time I feel like I know exactly what people have according to the bets they make and positioning they are in. I have also been able to pick out when people have been stealing very accurately mainly because I only play 3 tables at a time now and have really been studying the players. Its been a really good feeling. Basically, I have either been taking 1st or 2nd hardly any 3rd or 4ths, and the main ones I have been losing are with q's or better early allin in the toruney taking bad beats finishing in 7th, 8th and 9th. My plan now is to try and build a bankroll so I can move up stakes to $20 games. I have about $450 in my account so I figure I need about $800 to comfortable move up to $20's. Until then I am gonna try and grind these $10's out and limit my Mtt games to only a couple a day and try and play a min of 10 sng's but closer to 20 a day. Hopefully by Day 150 I have reached my goal of $800 bankroll and cashed out a bit more so I can play really serious.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 100

saBeen a long time since I posted. Been up and down on the site. I made the new account so I could get rakeback and strictly played cash games for a long time. From the last post on Dec. 16 till about Jan. 10 I only played 7 stud h/l cash games. Made alot of rake and was winning a moderate amount ( about 250 since last post), but also made nearly that much in rakeback so it seemed worth it. Then I went on a terrible stretch starting at the beginning of Jan. I lost about 500 in a week stretch. I that point I just wanted to give up all together. I only had about 350 left in my account at that point and decided to cash it out. However, when I gave them my information to cash out they found out that I had another account and closed my new account...... It took a bit but i got them to transfer the balance over to my old account where I can no longer get rake which is very gay. After some consideration I decided to play a few tournaments in my old account before i cashed out. I did pretty good in some 90 man sngs and got a decent amount in my account and cashed out 400. Over the next two weeks I went back to basics and played games I did a while ago. I want to keep my account low though now because I havent found a job yet and need the money. So my plan was to cash out small amounts and keep just enough to play in my account. I didnt even play any 9 man games just mtts and large 90 man sngs mostly for $10 buyins. I started doing well playing just a couple hours a day. I cashed out 200 and another 100 over the last week after winning a 90 man and taking a 2nd and a couple 3rds leaving myself with about 200 in my account. Then I went through a bad four or five day strech recently and today my account my all the way down to $40. Basically if I lost this I couldnt really afford to play for a while, and I was ok with that. I bought in for 3 mtts for about $30 total. I ended up taking 1st in the $6 buy in for $144 and 2nd in the $11 buy in for $160 while winning another $25 or so for knockouts. I didnt even really play that well in either, I was short stacked on both before the money and won alot of allins and sucked out numerous times to get heads up in both. Both of them I was short stacked when heads up. The $6 one we had pretty similar styles and just folded back and forth to each other for about 30 min. Then I bluffed a big pot from him to get even and then a couple hands later he called my reraise allin with a7 to my aq after A hit flop to win. The other one the guy was very aggressive he had me low and dominated twice but I sucked out twice to get back to even, one time it was A2 against qq, he was pissed. Then the blinds got ridiculous and he raised me like 4 times in a row to take the lead. I had 33 after he raised again and I pushed, he showed aj and hit A so I took second. But I am still very pleased with today and cashed out $180 more leaving myself with $160. Now I can play for a bit longer and maybe ship a big one.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 56

Did Pretty good over the last 24 hours. Played some cash games did really good for a while then came back down to earth and made a few bucks. Then just a little bit ago I played 2 Horse sngs and a mtt holdem. I got a 1st and 3rd in Horse and lost around the bubble in the mtt. Took a pretty bad beat early in the mtt to cripple me when I was doing good. I held AJ hearts and just called flo came 1064 all hearts. Guy bet small I just called. Turn came 6 he bet small again, this time I knew I had to raise big as he might have a 6. I rasied the pot and he called. Then the river came 10..... obv. He bet small again this time I just call, he shows 108 off suit, what a clown. Anyway pretty good day overall, up $40. Gonna study for a final tom then play a little more.

Tip of the Day:

Aviod large bigger pairs in Stud h/l in early position. Lets say your first or second to act after the bring in and you have a hand like q4q or j10j, I recommend not playing these hands. With 5 more people to act depending on what their window card if they call they are probably going for low. If a few people call you and are going for low, you are almost surely only going to get half the pot at best. And alot of the time you probably wont get any unless you improve your pair. I would only play these hands if your late to act or if most of the window cards are high. Now if you have a hand like qq4 or kka or jj2 then raise for sure. First off people will think you have a low or in the case of the ace, a pair of aces. So now if you hit another nice low on 4th and bet again it looks like you have a nice low going. So if they are going for a low as well they will either have to make a call hoping you miss your low and they get one or if they dont improve they will have to fold. This way even if they seem to have hit their low they will be cautious to your "better" low and will either fold (unless they hit a straight) or play passive and check it down or call it down. With a check or call down from the opponent your probably getting half the pot anyway as you are likely to imrove you pocket pair. If they chase to the river for a low or if they had a pair like 99 or 1010 thinking you have a low you might even scoop. It is more important what the opponent thinks you have than what you actually have

Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 55

It has been a long time since my last post on here. I completely stopped playing for a while, partly because I was frustrated and the other part because I graduate this semester. Anyway since I came back playing a couple weeks ago I started out playing just Horse sngs again and wasnt doing very well. So I moved to Horse cash games 1/2$, that went ok, but I still struggled during the Holdem portion. So I decided to try stud h/l 1/2$ and its been going pretty good. The players are either really good or really bad. Ive been playing long enough now at these tables to know who the good players are and I stay away from them unless I have a monster. I like limit because Im not losing as much all at once, which helps keep me off tilt. I also found a new website that I was able to get rakeback from, which is big since Im playing cash games now. I went to the school and made a new account then registered with the new rakeback site. Ill give the link at the end of this post. Anyway, Ill post on here a little more regular since Im done with school now and looking for a job :( So until I find one ill be playing a lot and hopefully winning. Since my last post Im up 175$

Try this site if you cant get rake from raketherake



Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 31-32

Honestly, Im so sick of this right now. Ive been playing for 9 days now on Fulltilt and I cant seem to win. I lost about 50 over the past two days and just dont get it. When I started this blog I was a winning player and up thousands over the last year. In the last 30+ days Im a break even player and its making me sick. To make things worse people that I thaught how to play poker are all doing really well and up alot lately. In fact one of them told me to watch him play for a bit because it might help..... ahhhhhhhh. I really dont get it and dont know what to do. Im gonna stop posting on this blog for a bit until I get my shit together. Up 100 over 9 days is not exceptable. I either need to move to a different site or re-think my game completely. I am going to play on this site until thankgiving, but if im not up a significant amount by then im done. Done with this blog for a bit and done with Fulltilt. I have people that want to bankroll me on other sites but I dont really wanna deal with being bankrolled right now. I like doing my own thing. So this blog is done until I either make a big break through or give in and get bankrolled. Gl players until then......

If there is anyone out there that wants to bankroll a winning player email me or contact me. Ill give you all my user names on the sites I play on and you can look up my stats. For me to get bankrolled it would have to be a good deal though. Otherwise im on Sabatical. peace

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 30

Just gonna be quick about this today didnt play much. Played 4 sngs, 2 holdem and 2 horse and 1 mtt. I ended up having three cashes. Got heads in both holdems and took 1 first and a 2nd. The 2nd I was ahead and lost to k8 to aq and then he came back and won. In the Horse I took 2nd in 1 and bubbled in the other, with some really poor play by me at the end. The mtt I made the final table only to donk out in 9th again with a marginal hand obv. Anyway for not playing very long still had a decent day winning $45.

Tip of the Day: For 7 card stud beware of playing small to medium pairs. Often times I see people who get a pair of 9's or 10's in their first cards and raise. Then when they get reraised with someone holding a K or A showing they call. This isnt the worst idea, I mean you have to see another card once you have that much in but after 4th street and 5th street if they continue to bet and you done improve to trips or a really good draw you need to dump your hand. This is how you lose alot of chips/money by chasing people who probably have a better hand than you. Unless your in late position in a 7 stud tournament or horse tourn you should just dump your smaller pair. Dont just call with it, fold it you will save money and you can wait for better spots. Most of all before you consider your cards look around the table and consider what other people might have. You need to remember what cards have been shown on the board if your in the hand to know your odds on each street. In Stud it is more important what other people might have than what you hold. Remember this and you will be a much better stud player

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 29

Played quite a bit today. I played about 15 sngs and 5 to 6 mtts. I started out the losing badly. I just cant seem to win on no limit, im starting to question on my game. I was down about $60 early and took a break. Then I had a real good session where I had 4 cashes out of 4 (no firsts tho). 7th in a mtt, and 2nds and a third. I ran really well in this session and was 1 big double up from having a big cash in the 90 man i played. So at this point im up a little bit for the session. I decided to played just two more sngs and played poorly in them and didnt cash, and one mtt where I started out good then got blinded down around the bubble got one double and made final table ( only a $3 game tho so im not excited by any means). Im short stacked and I had to call allin with kq, he showed kq two diamonds...... turn D river D he wins with a flush. Obv my kq loses to kq suited, and i take 9th. Im doing something right becasue every fucking final table Ive made so far at this site it to I lose the first allin I try, usually to lesser hands. Anyways I end up $20 for the day, not so good for playing 6+ hours. So far this is the 6th or 7th day Ive played on this site and Im up less than $100. I need to start winning soon im getting discouraged

Tip of the Day: I have been playing lots of horse lately. I am not the best at all of the games but am solid in all. I learn to just play aggressively in games im good at, the other games I play really tight and wait for others to make mistakes. Often time people will just remember you being aggressive in one game and translate it to you in another. So when your in a game your not the best at (for me limit holdem) just play tight. So when you do get that big hand and you rasie it pays off. So be aggressive during your strong games and play tight during the weaker ones.